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Meet the new Bruin: Zak Khan

Belmont freshman Zak Khan has been playing tennis for just over 11 years.

“From a young age I tried many different sports, but tennis was the one I was good at and enjoyed. So I just stuck with it,” said Khan.

Khan is originally from London and came to Belmont specifically for tennis.

“I saw an opportunity to come to America for scholarships, and I wanted to take that route,” he said. “The agent that was helping me get scholarships showed me Belmont and said the coaches were nice and the education is good.”

Khan is an economics major with a mathematics minor. Khan has a busy schedule to keep up with alongside his studies. The tennis players practice every day and spend time in the gym every other day.

“It’s quite busy, but it’s good. It’s fun,” said Khan.

Khan loves Belmont because of the friendly people, the pretty campus and the smaller number of students.

When he is not playing tennis, Khan enjoys hanging out with the other members of the tennis team, playing “FIFA,” going to the movies and doing all of the things Nashville has to offer.

This post was written by Erika Howard.

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