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Meet the New Bruins: Cameron Petty

Compared to most college athletes, freshman goalkeeper Cameron Petty hasn’t been playing soccer for very long.

He started his soccer career just four years ago with his high school team in Franklin, Tennessee. However, this hasn’t stopped Petty from quickly becoming part of the Bruins team.

“Everybody here is a quality player — you can count on anyone,” Petty said. “They’re a great group of guys, and they’re fun to be around.”

Petty would consider himself a little superstitious when it comes to getting ready for a game.

“I get dressed from left to right — left sock, right sock and so on. Then when I get onto the field, I touch the left post, the right post and the crossbar,” he said.

Petty’s personal highlight of the season so far was the Bruin’s 6-1 win against Niagara — he loved being able to make history with his team.

Petty wears No. 25 for the Bruins. See him and the rest of the team play Wright State on Oct. 7 at E.S. Rose Park.

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This article written by Jaclyn Graybill. Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics. 

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