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Mental Health Resources and Support Available on Campus

In light of the tragic shooting of Jillian Ludwig, many students and members in the Belmont community may need immediate assistance.

For those that need help and counseling, here are the resources that are available to you during these times:

  • Counseling Services is open for any students via appointments and walk-ins. The Counseling Services team can be reached via phone at 615-460-6856, via email at, and in their office in Gabhart 218.

  • Timely Care is a virtual counseling service that is available for Belmont students 24/7 at no charge. Students can download the TimelyCare app and sign in by using their MyBelmont log-in information.

  • Health Services are located in McWhorter and available for all students who need non-emergency assistance, and all visits are free and confidential.

  • University Ministries are also located on the first floor of the Gabhart next to Campus Security and are available to meet with anyone on campus in need of support. They can be contacted via phone at 615-460-6419, via email at, or by walking into their offices.

  • Faculty and staff may connect with counselors through Belmont's partnership with Lyra Health via, via email at or via phone at 877-254-9167. 

If you have concerns about your friends or peers that are heavily affected, do not hesitate to call the Campus Security emergency number at 615-460-6911

To identify these signs, here are the signs of urgent concern:

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Self-Harm

  • Sexual Assault

  • Violence or threats of violence

  • You feel uncomfortable

After immediate help is provided, submit a Student Concern Form at this link.


This article was written by Seth Thorpe

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