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Music Desk Concerts: The Orchardist

Drew Miller formed the Orchardist in during his freshman year at Belmont University and has produced nothing but uplifting music with his faithful band since. The lineup also includes Janie Townsend on vocals and harmonica, Tyler Rydosz playing mandolin, with Riley Matthews on the banjo, Camille Faulkner on the violin, Kelly Lenahan on piano and accordion and Mike Tebrinke on bass.

On the day of filming, their bluegrass-inspired compositions brought nothing but calm joy to the Music Desk Concert team. The vocal harmonies were one of the many delights of the two-song set.

Video and article by Paula Ramirez and Ellen Pelerossi.

This video is one of three Music Desk Concerts made as part of the Vision’s coverage of Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business’s Best of the Best 2016. While efforts were made to film with all of the participating bands, Country Showcase winner Kassi Ashton was unavailable to shoot a video for the series.

See all four bands take the stage on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Curb Event Center. Admission is free.

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