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New era equals new focus for Vision

Moving is boring.

Let me clarify that. Moving back to Nashville for the fourth time in as many years is boring. Monotonous. It’s a routine now, coming to campus during a two-day flux of students and family, then getting readjusted to campus life for two more days before classes start.

But as campus begins to show signs of life yet again, we at the Belmont Vision have something new. Technology has taken us, as a student newspaper staff, and you, as its readers, well beyond the printed tabloid. is going to be our exclusive news outlet.

While leaving print behind is bittersweet for us, the move allows us the freedom to cover campus with a timeliness and efficiency a monthly paper could never really accomplish. Now we can put all of our energy into content that will be distributed throughout the semester, not just at the end of every month.

Our digital transition will also allow us to connect to campus in other ways old and new. A campus as vibrant and colorful as Belmont’s deserves a news source that consistently provides content to match it. So expect more videos, photos, blogs and other digital content that’s engaging, eye-opening and even hilarious when it needs to be. All the while, we’ll provide the in-depth cover stories and award-winning news, features and sports articles you’ve found from us before. In short, we’ll do the best journalism we can in a way that captures the feel of campus and is convenient enough for our readers in and around Belmont. And don’t think we’ll just stop with a good website. By the end of the semester, we’ll have an app up and ready to give away, making the Vision a truly mobile enterprise.

And as always, we at the Vision also will welcome anyone interested in working with us, no matter what medium that’s in. We’re looking for storytellers, plain and simple. If you want to show what’s happening on campus, whether its finding the best bands, talking to students making a difference or reporting the news that has everyone talking the next day, we’ll be glad to have you on our team. Our first meeting is on Wed., Aug. 29 at 10 a.m. in our office directly above campus security. Feel free to stop by, even if you’re unsure whether reporting is for you. We’ll do all we can to change that.

If contributing isn’t for you, we’d love to hear your thoughts too. Tell us about something you’d like to see covered, if you liked what you last read from us or even whether we dropped the ball with our work. Any feedback means we’ll better know how to cover campus. So, by all means, talk with us.

But I guess I’m digressing here, and I’m sure there are things you must do as you come back to campus, boring or otherwise. So welcome, both to those coming to Belmont for the first time and those who have made it back to campus. Before you leave this page though, let me ask one favor. Bookmark the Vision, because this semester is going to be a wild ride. We hope you join us for it.

Vision editor Brian Wilson is a senior journalism major.

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