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Omega Swan rocks their way to prominence

As Belmont rock group Omega Swan played as the final act in Belmont’s September Battle of the Bands, lead singer and guitarist Marcus Garceau leaned over the edge of the stage as he riffed through the final song’s guitar solo.

As more than 100 people danced in front of the stage, Garceau unapologetically dropped his guitar at the end of the set, causing massive feedback as the band walked off the stage.

That move is all part of the band’s act.

“We like to keep the rock n’ roll antics alive,” Garceau said. “I’m talking about getting on the ground getting dirty, smashing stuff and get in the crowd.”

Those types of shows have led the three-man group to grab the attention of many on Belmont’s campus. Known for their spontaneous acts on stage, energetic crowds and constant performances almost every weekend, “everyone was talking about Omega Swan” early in the semester, Garceau said.

The band met when Garceau transferred to Belmont last year. He and his roommate, drummer Mark Madison, met bass guitarist Will Burgess through a group of friends. After jam sessions with each other they formed their band, one the lead singer said “has the true essence of what rock n’ roll should be.”

And for them, rock ‘n’ roll still means some occasional shenanigans along the way.

During a guitar solo for their “Get Along” song, Garceau leaned against his amp at a house party. The amp fell over, crushing Garceau’s guitar and pulling the cables out of the wall – leaving the house with no power with around 100 people in it.

“Omega Swan – we are just not a band, we are a band and a party,” Madison, the drummer, said. “The energy at that show was insane.”

So far, that energy has also shown up online. Their music video for “Get Along” reached 10,000 views since released last summer, and their live video for their song “Magic Potion” also hit 3,000 views in three days.

On the Internet, one of the group’s most-used resources, the band is on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify, Instagram, Reverbnation and blogs such as Goodmusicallday.

“We see the Internet as a huge part of promotion and free advertisement,” Garceau said. “Playing shows is a way to increase credibility. After a show we will see videos posted, people saying ‘oh that was a sick show, I’m definitely going to the next show.’”

Zach Luci , one of Omega Swan’s friends and biggest fans, goes to every one of their shows. He said he has started all of the mosh pits during their shows.

“Marcus, Mark and Will have incredible skills,” Luci said. “The energy in every show is amazing.”

Madison said the energy of the crowd is his favorite thing about playing a show.

“I just vibe off of it,” he said. “If the crowd is feeling it and raging, I’m having a great time. I would like to put my drums in the middle of the crowd and rock out with them.”

Now, Omega Swan is in the middle of recording their first eight track vinyl record which they plan to release by the end of this year. The band is also making a live album – Garceau said it will include a “combination of live recordings from underground shows.”

The band’s next show is at the Boulevard Music Shop on Oct. 19 with local group Aquaducks.

They are also playing a show with illusionist Sammy Cortino at the Hard Rock Café on October 29. Omega Swan played background cover songs for Cortino’s shows during the summer.

“Omega Swan is a group of talented group of guys,” Cortino said. “They are very spontaneous in getting theirselves out there in different ways.”

According to Burgess, the group is taking all of their early success in, even as the group still grows and expects to get even crazier.

“Omega Swan’s live shows are definitely the rowdiest show anyone will see in this area,” Garceau said. “We are very energetic and we are all about being rock ‘n’ roll and the rock ‘n’ roll antics. Anything can happen at any show.”

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