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Pembros: volleyball’s loudest cheering section

Pembroke Hall’s cheering section has remained a staple at Belmont volleyball home games.

As the singing of the national anthem ends, a rumble can usually be heard in the Curb Event Center as the Pembros run into the arena and take their seats in the lower-right section of the stands.

The size of the group varies from game to game, but the Pembros stay consistent in their energy and tempo no matter how many of them are present.

During the games, the Pembros are known for their chants, which range from the classics to new chants invented on-the-fly to fit the situation. They are also known for attempting to distract the opponents in any way they can, including yelling phone numbers and singing popular songs like “Hey There, Delilah” by the Plain White T’s.

Some members of the Pembros can also usually be seen holding hand-made signs, wearing costumes or waving a Belmont flag to support the Bruins.

The group is organized by designated resident assistants from Pembroke Hall. These RAs work to get the freshmen excited for volleyball and to make sure the residents know when games are happening.

Win or lose, the Pembroke cheering section stays positive and can be counted on to support the Bruins in its own unique way.

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