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Performers bring all despite sound issues at Urban/Pop Showcase

Saturday evening marked the annual Urban/Pop Showcase at Belmont’s Curb Event Center.

Though the showcase was not heavily advertised, many were still in attendance to hear the talents of Cam, Mitchell Rose, Leena Regan and Holla Koala.

Cam’s soulful urban performance was a great opening act and got the majority of the crowd dancing and singing along with his talented full band, back-up singers and trumpet player.

There was no denying the passion in the performers, and the winner of the showcase, Mitchell Rose, definitely embodied that passion. With a great band and obvious connection between the players, Mitchell Rose was able to bring a stand out performance.

DJLen was a special host for the night’s activities, and tried to keep the crowd entertained with upbeat music between sets, and a lottery prize for free tickets to Fitz and the Tantrums. One of the winners Ivey Andrews is a sophomore here at Belmont.

Audience members and DJLen expressed verbally their plea for ‘louder music’ and were, literally, turned down when sound difficulties began popping up for the last two sets.

This sparked a few snarky tweets after DJLen prompted the audience to head to Twitter with the hash tag #UP2013.

Due to the increasing sound difficulties, many audience members left halfway through the last act.

The next showcase will be Nov. 2, and applications will be accepted now until Oct. 10. More information can be found at:

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