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Performers show ‘what make them shine’ in Christian Showcase

Soul, rap and hip hop all found their place on stage on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. the Curb Event Center as part of the Christian Showcase.

This was the first showcase of the year.

Put together by Jenny Parsons, the Christian Showcase was meant to be something that every student could attend and feel welcome as she did during her freshman year.

In order to make students feel like a part of the show, they were able to help with set atmosphere even before the showcase actually began. Outside of the Beaman Student Center there was a sign that allowed people to write down what made them shine, which was the theme of the showcase.

With a total of four performers, the event was filled with an hour and a half of music.

Callahan, with Brooks Dawson, took the stage first and put a spin on the usual hip-hop and rap music and energized the crowd.

After Callahan, Megan Julia Swanson performed three songs, including the song “Reckless Love.” Her soulful style of music captured the crowd.

Rachel Hale was the third to perform her set. Her sunny attitude brightened the stage as she sang and her vocal skills kept the students cheering.

The fourth and final performer was Lindsay Joy, who elicited applause as soon as she stepped onto the stage. Joy’s debut album “Beloved” is available on iTunes now.

All four of the performers were overjoyed to sing in front of Belmont students and expressed their happiness between songs.

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