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PHOTO STORY: Country Showcase

Benjamin Joseph rocks the stage with bandmate, Braden Simmons

Viewers packed into the Curb Event Center, Saturday evening for a boot-scootin’ boogie as country artists took the stage for this year’s country showcase.  

Molly Forbes, Austin Chatfield, Benjamin Joseph and Chandler Dozier each competed in this standoff to be named the winner of the country showcase. Fiddles and guitar solos abounded as the artists jumped and jived around the stage. A brief pause in the action followed as the crowd waited for Daniel Mazzerina to return with an announcement of the winner. 


Letter in hand, Mazzerina announced that Joseph will be heading to the best of the best showcase later this semester.  


He will join Kevin Bull Jr., Amanda Nicole and Molly Grace when they all hit the stage again in April. 


The next show will be the Hip-hop and R&B Showcase on March 16. 

Austin Chatfield opens up the Country Showcase, Braden Simmons

Molly Forbes serenades the crowd with her sound, Braden Simmons

Chandler Dozier plays with Jack Dungan on the fiddle, Braden Simmons

Benjamin Joseph and bandmate rock center stage, Zach Watkins

Emcee Daniel Mazzerina announces Joseph as the winner, Zach Watkins

This article was written by Braden Simmons. Photographed by Braden Simmons and Zach Watkins

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