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Photo Story: Justice For Jillian

Photos taken by Zach Watkins

As the clock struck noon, people flooded into Bongo Java signing letters and decorating shirts in support of passing the newly proposed Jillian’s Law. 


Introduced on Jan. 5, Tennessee House Bill 1640, commonly referred to as Jillian's Law, is a piece of legislation that proposes that any individual who is deemed incompetent to stand trial due to mental defectiveness “poses a substantial likelihood of serious harm” in the eyes of the law.  


This comes after the shooting of Belmont student Jillian Ludwig, who was struck by a stray bullet fired by Shaquille Taylor, a man who had previously had three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon dropped due to his incompetency. 


Within an hour all the shirts that had been made were sold and hundreds of letters filled the collection box already to make their way to the Tennessee Capitol. 


Bongo Java employees show their support for the passing of Jillian's Law.

Shirts were sold to decorate to remember the life and push towards justice for Jillian. 

Supporters wrote letters to the Tennessee Justice Committee in support of passing House Bill 1640. 


Touching tributes and sticky notes were placed around the dining area in remembrance of Jillian. 

Students showed off their designs in remembrance of Ludwig. 

The organizers of this event, Livi Mehalovich and Eddie Winey explained the importance of the passing of this law while rallying fellow students for support. 

To learn more about this law, click here.


For updates for the cause follow @Justice4Jillian.


This article was written by Zach Watkins

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