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PHOTO STORY: Pop Showcase

After a closing set complete with groovy choreography and a sequins-clad trio of backup singers, emcee Daniel Mazzerina announced Molly Grace as the winner of Pop Showcase, and with that, her ticket to the Best of the Best Showcase in the spring.

The Curb Event Center bustled with costumed audience members, some vying for the showcase prize of best costume on the Saturday before Halloween.

DJ Zib performed a brief set that blended pop and country as the audience filed into the venue.

Khya was the first showcase artist to perform, followed by Rache, Mack Ashbaugh and Molly Grace.

The set, lighting and sound were in step with the high quality students have come to expect from showcase productions.

And the costume contest?

Out of a lineup of 13 contestants, three winners were selected by the audience and Mazzerina.

The first place costume was Anna from “Frozen,” second place went to Joe from “Blue’s Clues” and a third place went to a trio of “Scooby-Doo” characters.

Molly Grace with her band after winning Pop Showcase, Tessa Pendleton

Khya performing her new song, "Witching Season," Tessa Pendleton

Rache performing her new song, "Into This," Tessa Pendleton

Mack Ashbaugh performing some exclusive, unreleased songs, Tessa Pendleton

Costume contest first place winner, Tessa Pendleton

Costume contest second place winner, Tessa Pendleton

Costume contest third place winners, Tessa Pendleton

Emcee Daniel Mazzerina announces Molly Grace the winner of Pop Showcase, Tessa Pendleton


This article was written by Tessa Pendleton

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