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Photos: BSA Fashion Show

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Donning everything from traditional African prints to modern power suits, student models celebrated the history of black fashion in a show put on Tuesday by the Black Student Association.

In honor of Black History month, BSA Vice President Haily McGee organized the event to show the evolution of black fashion.

BSA Fashion Show

With a passion for clothes and shopping, McGee stepped out of her comfort zone as an international business and business management double major to bring her vision to the runway.

Models strutted down the runway wearing African prints, black panther berets, Kobe Bryant Lakers jerseys, 90’s monochromatic dresses and lastly, power suits.

“I wanted to ensure that we ended with the suits look to show black power, black business and showcase what that looks like because people don’t walk around campus in suits,” McGee said.

The models, members of BSA, confidently served looks to songs like “Freakum Dress” and “Pose,” not afraid to show off some dance moves while they were at it.

But the show didn’t end with McGee’s designs. Local designer Matthias Lancaster’s original creations took their turn on the catwalk next.

Lancaster’s handmade styles use raw edges and intentionally messy stitching to convey a motocross-chic style.

Racing stripes and decals embedded onto sweatshirts and jeans clearly show the designer’s inspiration of speed in his fashion.

It was Lancaster’s runway debut after five years of creating original designs.

“I was like ‘It’s happening!’ The thing I’ve been working on for a month tirelessly is finally happening,” said Lancaster.

McGee plans on continuing the catwalk next year and growing the event even more.

“I want to go bigger and bigger every year.”

Article and photos by Kendall Crawford.

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