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PHOTOS: Men’s soccer kicks off season with tied game against Western Illinois

Men's Soccer Vs. Western Illinois

The Belmont Bruins opened their season with a thrilling 2-2 tie against Western Illinois University on Friday.

While the Bruins started six of their seven 2016 recruits, the team held their ground throughout the game with some help from the returnees.

Western Illinois managed to slide one into the net on a penalty shot in the 21st minute to slightly startle the Bruins. But without a doubt, Belmont turned around and made attempt after attempt to fight their way back into the game. After 72 minutes of strong efforts from both sides, returning junior Dan Brown scored a goal to tie the match.

Western Illinois managed to slide another goal into the net bringing the score to 2-1 late in the second half, but with only minutes left in the match, Belmont senior Nat Hubert scored a goal off a free kick to bring the score back to a tie.

Due to inclement weather, the game was called off, ending the match in a 2-2 tie. Nonetheless, the Belmont Bruins managed a total of 14 shots and six saves to kick off the new season.

Photos by Hunter Morgan. Recap by Carina Eudy.

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