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PREVIEW: Best of the Best to be held Saturday

Judah & The Lion, Rayvon Owen, Keeps and Mitchell Rose.

These are just a handful of legacies of Belmont’s past showcase winners.

Now, Taylor Agan, Baylor Wilson, CVM and Staying For The Weekend will join this prestigious group as they take on the Best of The Best Showcase this Saturday at 7 p.m.

Representing the Christian showcase is songwriter Taylor Agan, whose journey to the Best of the Best Showcase has been quite an experience.

“In all honestly, I’ve never viewed myself as an artist. I love to write music and I love Jesus. Auditioning for Christian Showcase is something that kind of happened last minute. I saw someone post something about the applications and thought it would be fun to do, if I could get a band together,” Again said. “ I rounded up some of my best friends, and equally amazing musicians, and we became a ‘band’ three days before live auditions.”

Agan further added, “At showcase, expect a group of friends who are pumped to play in front of Belmont for the Lord’s glory. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Country showcase winner Baylor Wilson’s path to the Best Of The Best has also been unlike any other, and has served as her homecoming back to Belmont.

“Freshman year I was a cheerleader and in a sorority at Belmont, but I decided to focus on music, so I moved off campus and focused on my music career. Getting to play in the showcase is my big leap back to my involvement with Belmont. I want to balance involvement with the school as well as being a musician,” said Wilson.

Keeping it old school and original, newly named Urban Pop Showcase winner CVM –formerly Cam– will take the showcase stage for the third time, in his debut at the Best Of The Best.

“A lot of my music is based off of a jazz, old-school, hip-hop feel. I have very musically inclined and talented people playing with me,” said CVM.

Rock Showcase winners Staying For The Weekend will keep the party running all night long. Since childhood, the band has been performing and jamming together to which the Best Of The Best culminates their wild career as well as their musical styles.

“We all have different influences when it comes to playing,” said Davis in previous interviews with the Vision. “I personally look towards the styles of Jack White and Cage the Elephant. Our band as a whole also really loves the band The Whigs.”

The showcase will also be one of the final shows for singer Mitch Davis, as the band announced his departure via Facebook earlier this week.

The 2015 Best Of The Best showcase will also feature a guest performance from Tom Douglas and will honor Gary Overton with the Robert E. Mulloy Award Of Excellence.

The show will kick off this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Curb Event Center. Admission is free.

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