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REVIEW: A.A. Bondy turns fans into “Believers”

Nashville’s plaid toting coffee sipping masses flocked to Mercy Lounge on Thurs., Nov. 10, to enjoy the ambient alternative-folk stylings of Alabama native, A.A. Bondy. Fans gravitated like moths to the milky white aura that surrounded the stage, as the mild mannered southern songster crooned his way to the audience’s hearts. Packed from wall to wall, the crowd could not help but sway during his savory oceanic lullabies.

Known for his Americana-marbled rustic folk, Bondy took a more atmospheric turn with a full set from his latest album “Believers”. With a history of bluesy ballads, “Believers” makes a gutsy break for a more nostalgic, weighted sound. The album is seamless, beginning with the foreboding pulse of “The Heart Is Willing” which sets the tone for an album filled with haze. Clanging chords and sweet moments of resolve are a recurring theme first introduced by “Down In The Fire (Lost In The Sea).” The murky reverb embraced tension and release continues with “Skull & Bones.” With a wave mimicking beat, listeners will find it hard not to rock along with the bumbling lightness of “Surfer King,” which has quickly become the most notable track on the album. Bondy effectively captures the emotions present in nature with the ominous rumbling of looming storms found in “The Twist” and the harmonious discord heard on “Scenes From A Circus.”

Bondy’s brassy timbre, yearning phrases and effortless sustainability coax the listener into a euphoric dream. His live performance is something to be experienced, simply for the instinctual reactions it brings from his thematic ties to nature. Given an eight out of 10 review by, the album is certainly one worth listening to.

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