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Review: Second ASCAP Writer’s Night

Belmont students Katie Mac, Luke Olsen, Wynter Bethel and Thomas Austin were showcased Tuesday night at the final ASCAP Writer’s Night of the fall semester.

Mac, a pop writer, started off the night with her song “After Party” that had some great hooks and an easy dance groove.

At the end of the first round, Austin delivered a very warm original folk song called “Indiana” that gave the well-packed Curb Café a wash of comfort and nostalgia.

During the second round, Olsen played his semi-comedic, original country song “60 Cent Pocket Man,” which he and his friends developed based off of the sometimes humorous lack of money that he and other college students have.

Also during the second round, Bethel played a more satirical song called “90s Kids.” Behind the indie fresh sound, she calls out millennials for not being present and not having the ability to make genuine connections.

As an ending to the night, ASCAP awarded a scholarship to Chloe Henderson for her hard work with her duo that has done multiple Midwest and West Coast tours and most recently working in collaboration with the band He is We.

Every writer brought their best and showcased some truly wonderful music Tuesday night.

ASCAP Writer’s Night will start back up in 2018 after winter break.

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Written by Safara Parrott. Photo by Caroline Cathey. 

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