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Rock Showcase 2016: Niles Rooker Trio

The Niles Rooker Trio, made up of Niles Rooker on vocals and guitar, Jeff Meleon on drums and Jake Saghi on bass, is excited to leave its mark on Belmont when the band performs at the Rock Showcase on Saturday.

Rooker described the band’s music as “edgy blues alternative rock with bits and pieces of the Stones, Elvis and Ottis Redding.”

As all three grew up playing music, it is no surprise the trio found its place in rock music. Rooker started playing guitar when he was just 11 years old and never looked back.

“I was the kid with long hair and a band T-shirt in elementary school listening to Zeppelin and the Stones every day,” said Rooker.

Rooker and Meleon graduate in May, and they want to leave a mark on Belmont on the way out. However, the end of college does not mean the end of music for the Niles Rooker Trio.

“We’re planning to get into the studio and release some music as well as hit the road,” said Rooker of the band’s post-graduation plans. “We can’t wait to have the extra time to travel around and show people what we have.”

The trio is proud of their journey as a band so far. Since adding bassist Jake Saghi, they love the dynamic they have when they play live. The Niles Rooker Trio also had the opportunity to play the Exit/In on multiple occasions, an accomplishment they are pleased to talk about.

Catch the Niles Rooker Trio playing two original songs as well as a cover at the Rock Showcase on Saturday at 7 p.m.

This article was written by Emily Allen. Image courtesy of CEMB Showcase Facebook page.

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