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Rock showcase favors indie bands with confidence

The Curb Event Center hosted the Rock Showcase Saturday, with an impressive crowd in attendance.

The lineup included Joel & The Gents, Wild Sun, Keeps, and The Astrochimps.

Each band had an indie rock vibe that complemented each other during the night, and they all had a stage presence that was undeniable. The bands made it clear they were seasoned performers and expressed confidence throughout each set.

The audience was up and moved to the front during the Wild Sun set, and they stayed there until the end of The Astrochimps’ last song.

With all four bands bringing their all to the stage, it seemed like a tough decision to choose a winner, but Keeps ended up wining the show, and will be playing in the Best of the Best later next semester.

The next showcase, the Country Showcase, will be held Feb. 1, 2014.

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