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Rose Park opens with ribbon cutting, doubleheader

After a number of announcements, lawsuits, construction delays, and periods of bad weather, the renovated Rose Park and Sports Complex is ready and “open for business.”

Hundreds of people, including members of the Edgehill community and Belmont students and staff, attended the opening ceremony Friday afternoon, which included a ribbon cutting, a baseball doubleheader, and food and games.

Nashville mayor Karl Dean has high hopes the facilities, renovated by the university, will be a major asset for both Belmont and the area.

“These tracks, these fields, those courts, and the sports complex are going to be a huge benefit to this community,” Dean said.

Belmont president Dr. Bob Fisher was thrilled about “the remarkable event and the remarkable process” it took to get the park to this point.

“I just hope we’ve been able to make it a little better and make it a place that where the community can come together around the kids and have fun together,” Fisher said. “From the beginning, it’s felt like a good idea. Now it’s up to us to prove it to you.”

After years of controversy concerning the park in the Edgehill area, there is still some tension between parts of the community and Belmont, said the Rev. Roderick Glatt, pastor of Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church in Edgehill.

“I think there’s some potential to do some profound good with community events to bring the community together,” he said. “In the spirit of truth, and in the spirit of love, we’re going to have to work together to get past it.”

Under the current agreement between Belmont and Metro Nashville, the Edgehill community will have first priority in scheduling events at the facilties and will have the time to significantly use the park.

“There were promises made and they will be kept. I thank you for the opportunity to do that. I thank you for beginning the walk together,” Fisher said.

While the park has been open for baseball and softball games for more than a month, construction is still occurring at the facility. Work still must be done at the facility’s softball field, the track, and the walking trail.

Follow the link below to view more photos of Rose Park ribbon cutting and opening day events.

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