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Savannah Guthrie talks "Mostly What God Does"

Updated: Feb 21

Photo by Elisabeth Gage

An abundance of smiles and tears filled the eyes of some in the room. 


Savannah Guthrie took her seat in the Gabhart Chapel. 

The audience was ecstatic.  

“It’s not hard to get me talking about faith, it’s my favorite subject,” said Guthrie, co-anchor of NBC News’ the “Today” show, NBC News chief legal correspondent and author of her new book “Mostly What God Does.” 

Belmont University was Guthrie’s fourth stop on her book tour, which came to Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday. 

She was joined by Hillary Scott, a singer and songwriter who is the co-lead vocalist for the country music group Lady A. 

They shared the story of how they met while Scott was a guest on the “Today” show. 


Guthrie approached Scott to tell her that the song “Beautiful Messes,” by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family touched her deeply.  

“I think I’m responsible for all one billion streams. It means so much to me. Thank you,” Guthrie said to Scott. 

The pair saw each other in September 2023 where Guthrie told Scott that she was writing a book and had still been listening to her song.  

“She held my hand and she said, 'can I pray for you?' I knew she meant it, and I said ‘yes,’” said Guthrie. 

Guthrie has been a Christian ever since she was a little girl. 

Her faith has always been important to her.  

“When I was given the opportunity, I couldn’t say no. And it wasn’t something that I felt I needed to do, I should do or I ought to do because look at all that I’ve been given,” said Guthrie. “It was something I wanted to do. God made me want to do it. It was so exciting, and thrilling, and challenging, and terrifying and that’s why I did it.” 

“Mostly What God Does” is a collection of essays on being a mother, the power of faith, grief, finding his love and finding hope in her career. 

“I have leaned on my faith throughout my career. I mean certainly every day but definitely in those big high-pressure moments where I feel the weight of the world,” said Guthrie. 

This was a key reason why recent college graduate, Fiona Tollefson, producer for WDRB News in Louisville, Kentucky, wanted to come to this stop of Guthrie's book tour.  

“I kind of struggled with if I could do journalism and be a Christian. And she’s been my guiding light of that I can do both,” said Tollefson. “So today was really special hearing her talk unapologetically about her faith and about being a journalist.” 

Another attendee, Annaliese Cope was very excited to come, and even gifted her mother a ticket to come too.  

“I’m a Savannah fan girl,” said Cope. 

She enjoyed sitting in the front row, making new friends prior to the event and hearing from Guthrie. 

“It was beautiful. She is who she is on TV, but I felt like I sat in her living room instead.

She just talked to me about God,” said Cope. 

Guthrie’s book went on sale Feb. 20, along with the audiobook.  

“I hope that it is a gentle call to be loved by God. It gives me such joy because I hope this book is for anyone and everyone,” said Guthrie. 

The afternoon concluded with Scott performing “Beautiful Messes” for the audience, while her husband played the guitar.  

Once again happy tears began to fall and smiles spread across the audience. 

This article was written by Elisabeth Gage

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