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SGA President Meghan Hickock to head new Presidential Debate Student Engagement Committee

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Belmont Senior and SGA President Meghan Hickok has created a new committee for student engagement in preparation for the upcoming 2020 presidential debate.

The 2020 Presidential Debate Student Engagement Committee opened its doors to applicants who want to help promote student civil discourse and participation surrounding the debate.

“Committee members will create and run engaging programs to connect Belmont students to the political discussion and process leading up to the 2020 presidential election,” said the committee’s job description.

They will be looking for two vice chairs to the committee and 10 “at large” positions as Meghan Hickok’s term as SGA president ends.

“I was deciding whether or not I wanted to run again with SGA, and I was meeting with Dr. Delony,” said Hickok. Together, they formulated the initial plan for the new committee.

“We have this huge event happening next fall – the debate,” Hickock said. “So why don’t we consider forming another committee that could work with organizations on campus and schools in the national area?”

To encourage student involvement around the debate, the committee will be working with other Belmont organizations and local schools to promote awareness and engagement.

“We work with marketing on campus. We work with student organizations and activities. Our mission is basically to be a liaison from administration to organizations like SGA. We’re looking to also partner with organizations to help them carry out things like voter registration drives and events that pertain to politics,” she said.

Applications to join the committee will close on Sunday, February 2. Students can apply with the link below.

Article written by Henry Gregson.

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