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Singer Amy Grant speaks on using faith to balance career and personal life

The “Queen of Christian Pop,” Amy Grant, spoke at the Massey Performing Arts Center on her faith and life experiences Monday morning.

“When you lean into faith, you approach life with a kind of trust. Not that everything in life is going to go perfectly, but there is a purpose for everything,” Grant said.

During her mid-20s, Grant’s career was booming. Work was both a dream and a huge responsibility. Throughout her career, Grant was balancing her field, family and faith.

“I always felt I had an average music tool kit,” said Grant. “It was a great reminder that your job in life was to bring yourself and your own unique flavor.”

While having a busy career, Grant finds herself turning to her faith. She remembers the wisdom given to her by her late mother-in-law Mary Chapman.

“She told me one good prayer in the morning is all you need,“ said Grant. “Pray to the Lord: lead me today to those I need, lead me to those who need me and let something I do today have eternal significance.”

Grant discovered that despite the stresses of balancing a career and personal life, she was able to find peace in intentionally quiet moments.

“So I started to not engage it and just say hush,” said Grant. “You can go through life not commentating on everything in your head and just observe.”

Grant then proceeded to do a still exercise with three members from the audience. The audience members found after the third time of trying the exercise, they found stillness.

“Just remember that there is no wasted experience,” said Grant. “Always remember to breathe.”

This article was written Lonnie Oellerich Photo courtesy of Belmont University.

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