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Softball falls short against WKU

After a slow offensive start, Belmont softball suffered a 5-1 loss over WKU in a non-conference matchup.

“We came out, we had a mindset of what we wanted to do, we just didn’t quite execute it as early as we should’ve,” said freshman infielder Kayla Wells.

Wells earned the Bruins only run in the bottom of the sixth off a single from Ashley Hammer.

“Offensively, we weren’t aggressive enough at the plate. I think early on we were and then started overthinking the plate too much,” said coach Chris Kuhlmeyer.

In the first five innings, the Bruins’ only runner on base was outfielder MJ Lawson, who walked in the bottom of the third.

WKU pitcher, Emily Rousseau, did not allow a single hit in the first five innings.

“We got to the sixth, then we started getting some base hits in there,” said Kuhlmeyer.

 In the top of the second inning,  Belmont put forth a strong defensive effort when Hammer tagged Kaylin Davis on an attempted steal, Mia Vierra collected a ground ball and threw it to first to tag out Brooke Holloway and then a caught pop fly to  make it 3-in-3-out for WKU.

Belmont changed pitchers from starter, Katie Clancy, to Carolyn Snodgress in the middle of the top of the third.

Snodgress struck out her first hitter.

“I think Carolyn Snodgress came in and pitched really well there at the end,” said Kuhlmeyer. “Kept us to where we could keep it close, where we could try to score some runs.”

The Bruins did just that in the sixth inning, starting with Wells who earned the Bruins’ first hit of the game.

A grounder to third from Kirbie Ferrell sent Wells to second, and a wild pitch moved Wells to third and Ferrell to second. Then, a single by Hammer brought Wells home.

The Bruins found various aspects of tonight’s match to improve on for their first game back in conference action this weekend on the road at Eastern Kentucky.

“I think we’re going to have a better production at the plate and have a better mindset overall,” said Wells.

Belmont begins its three-game series against Eastern Kentucky on Saturday at 4 p.m. as part one of a double-header.

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