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SoundLand wrap ups final performances

Neuhoff Factory Party Stage kicked of the final day of SoundLand starting with performances from some minor bands like Royal Bangs and Tristen leading up to the main performance of Jeff the Brotherhood, Nashville’s second most famous rock band after Kings of Leon.

Other venues’ line-up included MyNameisJohnMichael, Paper Route, The Watson Twins and Belmont alumnus Evan P. Donohue.

Those Darlins Neuhoff Factory Party Stage 7:00 p.m.

Those Darlins are nitty gritty and bring us a folky sound that seems like it came straight out of your uncle’s garage. This female dominated band seems to prove that chicks can really rock out. The band’s SoundLand set was no different than expected. The only complaint heard at all was they chose to play a majority of their new songs, instead of fan favorites like “Wild Thing” or “Snaggle Tooth Mama.”   -Dylon Walker

Royal Bangs Neuhoff Factory Party Stage 2:00 p.m.

The first performance of the day started late. Extremely late. Lucky for Royal Bangs, the majority of fans seemed to have gotten the memo. When the set opened, next to no one was there, but after a few strums on the guitar and the crowd came running to the stage. Lead singer/multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Schaefer’s scratchy voice and weak vocals were overpowered by the pounding of the instruments. This Knoxville indie rock band has been featured on David Letterman and played in the 2008 Bonnaroo festival.  –Autumn Allison

Jessica Lea Mayfield Neuhoff Factory Party Stage 3:00 p.m.

Sad yet beautiful, Jessica’s lyrics dig down to those deep questions about love and life. Her set seems to bring a calm aura to the crowd and can just let you mellow out. Mayfield’s performance was filled with songs you expect to hear and just a sprinkle of ones you don’t. There was a certain moment during her set when I saw a little girl point up at Jessica with joy, and Mayfield just radiated a smile.   –Dylon Walker

Apache Relay Neuhoff Factory Party Stage 4:00 p.m.

Mixing acoustic sounds with rock elements, Apache Relay is able to keep the audience’s attention easily with their high energy show. Hailing right here from Nashville, this band has been working hard to go from a regional act to national. Their appearance at Bonnaroo this summer has really helped them make that switch, and now they are up on stage here at Neuhoff with acts from around the country.  –Dylon Walker

The Black Belles Neuhoff Factory Party Stage 6:00 p.m.

Dressed in black and pointed hats, the all female goth-punk band, The Black Belles took to the stage. Their strong rifts and hard-core image was in complete contrast with the more mellow tones of the prior sets. While some feel that Black Belles image is too harsh, Jack White of Third Man Records is a huge fan, even stocking some of the group’s record in his store.   –Dylon Walker

Evan P. Donohue Mercy Lounge 9:50 p.m.

Belmont grad and Nashville music scene staple, Donohue certainly knows what he is doing. His set was intimate and full of energy, a standard for a Donohue. His music has a soulful rock touch that keeps the listener intrigued. He closed out his set with a newer song titled “O’Justice.”   -Dylon Walker

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