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Student attacked on Caldwell Avenue

UPDATE: The student was treated at the hospital and returned home in the morning.

A Belmont student was attacked by two men on Caldwell Avenue by 12th Avenue South Saturday night.

The male student reported that around 9:20 p.m., two white, male suspects got out of a dark-colored sedan and began “kicking and punching him,” according to an email from Campus Security.

Though the motive behind the attack was unclear, the student believed his cell phone was stolen.

After a neighbor yelled at them, the two suspects fled in their car and have not been caught.

“We don’t have any additional information. Metro Police are still handling the case,” said 2nd Shift Sgt. Andre Hearn.

While this isn’t the first robbery on campus this year, Campus Security hasn’t “had anything along these lines involving a student,” Hearn said.

“We will be updating students on the situation as we continue to learn more. We want students to be alert right now.”

This article written by Joe Bendekovic and Marissa Avnaim.

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