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Students, campus organizations recognized at annual leadership awards

Every year, Belmont honors those who embody what it means to be a leader on campus.

And last Wednesday, the event recognized 90 students, staff and organizations who have made contributions to the university and its students.

“I think being a leader is having humility and being a great listener, it’s been proven that every voice deserves a seat at the table and that it’s worth listening to,” said Caroline Cole, recipient of the Robert E. Mulloy Outstanding Senior Award.

The Belmont Office of Leadership Development announced 23 awards for Co-Curricular Certificate in Leadership.

“I started BOLD in 2018 as a freshman, and it’s four levels of basically learning different skills that are necessary to be a really good, holistic and grounded leader,” said Katie Tow, one recipient of the Co-Curricular Certificate in Leadership.

BOLD also presented 10 awards for Emergent Leader and Aspiring Leader.

“It’s about best representing what the university has to offer for new and incoming students as well as people that are underrepresented on campus,” said Jordan Smith, a nominee for the Emergent Leader award.

Student Life gave out 11 awards total for the Bruin Awards and Tower Awards.

Belmont also recognized this year’s standout organizations on campus.

The award of Outstanding New Student Organization went to the African Student Organization, which was formed in September 2021.

The Student Organization of the Year was Delight Ministries, whose mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered communities that foster vulnerability and transform stories, said Dr. AdriAnne Sternberg, associate dean of students, leadership and engagement.

The Office of Student Engagement gave out 13 Student Organization Member of the Year awards.

Belmont also recognized Greek life, with Kappa Alpha Theta receiving Outstanding Chapter of the Year.

This article was written by Camden Morris.

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