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Students gather for campus revival

Students gather in Belmont's Gabhart Chapel for worship. Bree Fabbie/Belmont Vision

Belmont freshmen Katie Stone and Cassidy Payne drove three hours to Asbury University in Kentucky with a small group of other Belmont students to participate in the Christian revival. “Honestly, I didn’t have a ton of expectations for Asbury, mainly because I knew little about what was going on, but once I got there it was so evident Jesus was moving. His name was the only name getting praised,” said Payne. While this revival has gotten the most attention at Asbury University, students at other universities across the country including Belmont have started their own.

Students worship at Asbury University. Bree Fabbie/Belmont Vision

On campus, students have been in and out of the Gabhart Chapel in the Janet Ayers Academic Center worshipping and praying since the night of Feb. 13. Students maintained their vigil throughout the weekend. While the crowd on campus was not close to the size of Asbury’s, both events drew young people together for worship, prayer and music. “The people there are so in awe of the goodness and greatness of Jesus. There is nothing flashy about it. There wasn’t marketing or merch or famous preachers. It’s just a room full of people who want to be with the Lord. When I walked in, I couldn’t help but tear up. I think it is just a glimpse of how beautiful heaven is going to be,” Stone said. But on Belmont’s campus, the revival could not be continuous because the chapel closes every night. A sign posted on the chapel door read: “The chapel will close today at 11 p.m. and the building will also close at that time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

Bree Fabbie/Belmont Vision

This, however, hasn’t stopped Belmont students from worshipping. Freshman Kayla Willmann, says she’s been praying for the revival regardless of wheter it is in the chapel or not. “We went out and prayed through the night after the chapel closed. God isn’t confined to a space,” Willmann said. Others have started worship groups around campus just to meet a community of Christ followers and praise Him. “There's a lot of young people leaving organized religion for reasons that make total sense. Fortunately, however, they are not leaving faith. This is made more apparent with what's happening now, with groups of young adults worshipping in a way that is completely authentic,” said sophomore Jackson King.

This article was written by Bree Fabbie

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