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Study Abroad to Offer 61 Travel Experiences, Most Ever

Belmont is hosting the most short-term study abroad opportunities that it ever had this year.

With 61 Maymester and summer program choices, students will have the opportunity to travel all over the world, including Ghana, Japan, and New Zealand.

Maymesters provide students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while taking courses, without having to commit to an entire semester.

During a Maymester, students are able to take between three and nine credit hours during their program, thus potentially getting ahead in their college career.

Another benefit of taking courses during the Maymester and summer programs is that they are discounted by 2/3 the price. This means that students will take three credit hours for the price of one.

The impact that studying abroad has on students is endless. Maddy Rhoades, a senior at Belmont, describes her time abroad as a “unique immersion in both language and culture.”

Rhoades, who lived with a host family in Spain, states that the relationship she formed with them is long-lasting.

“It's cool to have such a unique relationship with some great people even if we’re an ocean apart!” she said.

Spending time abroad can also have an impact on your area of study. Zoe Nichols, a senior with a double major in art and philosophy, reflects on her time abroad as “a process of observing and reflecting in art/learning.”

Nichols had the opportunity to study onsite-drawing in Ireland which she said allowed her to “witness new culture and ways of being” and has continued to influence her work. “Even after a year, I find that my art is continually influenced by my time abroad,” she said.

In order to see the entire list of opportunities that Belmont is offering in the summer of 2024, students and parents can go to the Belmont Global website at

Applications for the Maymester programs opened on Oct. 5 and close on Feb. 1.


This article was written by Serena Jeffers

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