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Tattoo of the week: Jessica Martin

At a first glance the tattoo looks just like every other quote but with a closer inspection, Jessica Martin’s artwork on her foot reveals a childhood love.

“Harry Potter was the first book I fell in love with as a child,” said Martin.

Martin has the word, “Always”, tattooed on her foot. The “L” in the word  is a bright yellow lightening bolt which showcases the Harry Potter reference.

Fans of the series will quickly recognize the significance of “Always” as the response Professor Snape gives Professor Dumbledore when asked if he still loves Lily Potter after all this time. And just like the this reference to forever, this ever-lasting ink has inspired Martin to pursue her words.

“That particular line is what stuck out to me and the word, “Always,” is so powerful and  permanent,” says Martin. “I thought it was a good tribute to my inspiration.”

Martin is a sophomore English major and said that she has always been a writer and loved reading.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today or even be an English major without Harry Potter,” said Martin.

Martin got her tattoo on her 18 birthday in 2012, at Forever Yours Tattoo Studio in Old Hickory, TN. It cost her $60.

“Everything is a Harry Potter reference to me,” said Martin. “Harry Potter will always be with me.

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