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Tattoo Tuesday: Michael Weist

“All the tattoos I have have stories.

She’s shattered to represent society and how people think you have to fit into this perfect shell but you don’t have to in reality. Everyone thought she was the perfect woman but in reality she was shattered.

I think, to me, it’s more or less something that’s an expression in a way that nothing otherwise could be expressed. A lot of faith and religion actually teach that you should wear your beliefs on your skin, so for me, that’s art that has meaning. I don’t have random tattoos that just look cool because I’m not really into that. I like stuff that has meaning. I put art on my body so that I’m reminded of what that meant to me. It’s something that I have forever.”

Michael Weist, freshman

This article is the first in a weekly series hosted by the Belmont Vision. Check back every Tuesday for a new student tattoo and the story behind it.

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