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The Caf Comments on Viral Post

The post in question

A post made on Monday on the Belmont Parents Facebook group caused discussions to rise once again about the quality of food being served at Harrington Place Dining. 


The post appeared to show an image of what was claimed as “undercooked chicken.” 


“We are actively investigating the concern that the photo raises to learn how we can improve. We always take these matters seriously,” said Sodexo’s manager at Belmont, Chuck Couture in a statement to the Belmont Vision. 


Chicken as a dark meat can sometimes be misleading in appearance and should only be judged based on its temperature but if a student has a concern to come and speak with them, Couture said.


Couture also said that the chicken was written in their temperature log as being 165 degrees or higher, within the USDA recommend range.


This post comes as the newest complaint against the cafeteria following last semester’s 72 health and safety score which has since improved to a 97 with a recent inspection. 


Following these issues, there have been a number of changes made to attempt to improve the quality of food served this semester and the safety of students. 


“We have assembled an entirely new culinary team, and a dedicated Food Safety Manager is now in place to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards,” said Couture. 


It is still unknown if Belmont plans to extend their contract with Sodexo, as no announcements have been made at the publishing of this article. 



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Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong
31 mai

Many adjustments have been made in an effort to raise the standard of food served this semester and ensure students' safety. Scratch Geometry Dash

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