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The Vision's guide to a last-minute Valentine’s Day plan

A couple taking in the Nashville scenery at Love Circle. Isaac Wetzel/Belmont Vision

Ah, Valentine’s Day... a day of whimsical infatuation, illustrious gifts and the essence of love exuding from every couple you pass on the street. In reality, it can be difficult to plan out Valentine’s Day, especially as a student. New state, new date? First time calling someone your Valentine? Scrambling to make plans because February 14 snuck up on you... again? If you fall under any of these categories, don’t worry — for we at the Vision have you covered with a guide to making your last-minute Valentine’s Day plans. Before diving in headfirst, let’s cover some quick facts couples should know before planning a date this year. First, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, so scheduling will be a major factor for students who take late afternoon and evening classes. Second, while the weather is subject to change, it is projected that this year’s Day of Love will begin with temperatures around 40 F, before gradually warming up to a high of 60 F. A potential for light rain around 8 p.m. might dampen your plans, or it’ll give you the perfect backdrop for the movie-esque moment. Third, if you have yet to make reservations, don't be surprised if many of Nashville’s most eloquent restaurants and venues cannot accommodate your last-minute requests. Such places typically recommend making reservation plans one to two weeks ahead of holidays to secure a table for two. With those bases covered, it’s time to build the best last-minute Nashvillian Valentine’s Day one could imagine. Since expensive places like Giovanni and STK Steakhouse are already booked for Tuesday, a walk-in restaurant is going to be the best option. Luckily, it’s Nashville, so your options are endless. Our personal recommendations are Five Points Pizza, Bartaco, Taqueria del Sol and Burger Up. You'll get great quality at a great price without needing to make a reservation. If none of those sound appealing, make your way downtown to Broadway. Not only will your options expand, but the Assembly Food Hall has a cluster of restaurants for every set of tastebuds — perfect for even the most indecisive of couples. Evening classes ruining your date night dreams? Opting for breakfast or brunch can be just as romantic. On 12 South and 21st alone, the quest for a classy eatery can be found within walking distance from Belmont by restaurants like Buttermilk Ranch, Ruby Sunshine and Nashville’s classic Pancake Pantry. Just a couple of miles further, Nashville Jam Co. and Midtown Café offer great food and service. Opening around 8 a.m., you should have ample time to enjoy a lengthy date before returning to class. Want to switch out the traditional dine-and-wine methodology of love for something different? Here are three ideas that can spark up romance even without a candle-lit dinner. First, you could go to have a laugh with that special person at the historic Zanies Comedy Club. Tickets for Tuesday can be bought online or in-person for just $25. If you want to take the date outside, ditch the heels for tennis shoes and the tablecloth for a blanket by spending the day at the park. Many beautiful parks like Sevier Park, Cumberland Park, Centennial and Bi-Centennial Park are not only centrally located, but a testament to the beautiful landscaping Nashville has to offer. But if all else fails, keep it simple. Try writing each other notes to display your affection and spend the day getting lost around Nashville together. Figuring out plans in such a short amount of time can be distressing and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If the true intention was to spend time together, then an extravagant display of love is not necessary. Rather, adventuring across our ever-expanding city can lead to endless memories, and in your journey of getting lost, you might just find yourself falling deeper in love. No matter what you two decide to do, being safe and having fun triumphs over everything. If those two factors are at play, then any date — as fancy as a steak dinner or as sweaty as a hike — will be whimsical. Besides, sometimes the most memorable dates just happen to be the ones you put together on the car ride there.

This article was written by Seth Thorpe

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