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Timing works in Pinkerton’s favor

The irony of Sam Pinkerton’s track “I Will Never Fall In Love with You” is that fans are doing just the opposite.

The Florida native moved to Nashville a little over a year ago to pursue her music career and has already made a name for herself at Belmont.

Pinkerton, a multi-talented musician and songwriter, made the Christian Showcase last fall and followed up with more since then. She has released a three-track EP on Noisetrade, toured with Belmont folk band Judah and the Lion and began tracking a full-length album.

She started writing and playing the guitar and ukelele in high school and has recently picked up the harmonica as well, a decision based mostly on available funds.

“I literally took my piggy bank to a music store,” said Pinkerton. “I said, ‘I have in here this much money… what can I buy?’”

By 14, she was leading worship at her church. She followed her praise and worship experience by joining several bands, including an all-female band in high school called “As Always” and a band called “Someone Like Tommy” in her earlier college years.

Now a junior, Pinkerton has developed a sound rooted in folk, but she said it does not necessarily fit the mold of a genre. Her expressive voice, easy to listen to melodies and delicately crafted lyrics hit may seem suited for Christian songwriting, but Pinkerton feels her real calling is in writing secular music, specifically for film and television.

There is no doubt in her mind, however, that the Christian Showcase was a life-changing opportunity for her.

“It was just God’s perfect timing,” she said. “I believe that I played that showcase because a lot of stuff was going on in my life and I was starting to doubt what I was doing… and He was like, ‘No, Sam. This is what you’re supposed to be doing. Hang in there… here’s a bunch of new friends… and people do like your music. Just stop trying to figure out everything.’”

After the showcase and the successful release of her EP, things have certainly started to figure themselves out for Pinkerton.

The showcase introduced Pinkerton to Judah and the Lion (consisting of Judah Akers, Nate Zuercher and Brian MacDonald), Sarah Eslick and Meg Mischler, all of whom she now considers close friends.

It also sparked the idea of the Judah and the Lion/Sam Pinkerton tour. A couple of weeks ago, Pinkerton toured with Judah and the Lion to Cookeville, Knoxville, and Johnson City before they made their way back to Nashville.

“They are my best friends – I love them. They’re my family… and I’m so passionate about their music. I’m probably their number one fan,” said Pinkerton about Judah and the Lion.

The tour has been planned with the help of both act’s manager, Alena Moran and Ben Hutto.

“[Alena] is like superwoman. She does everything,” Pinkerton said. “She does so much for me. It’s ridiculous.”

Moran has not only managed Pinkerton for the Christian Showcase and the Judah and the Lion tour, but is also helping Pinkerton produce her full-length album to be released this summer.

Last weekend, Moran and Pinkerton spent eleven hours tracking at Ocean Way Studio for the upcoming album. The album will feature mostly secular tunes.

“It is going to have an intimate, organic sound,” said Pinkerton. “To capture the sound that I have in mind, they are tracking the band live.”

Within the next few weeks, Pinkerton will also release a music video of her song “Stay Here” featuring Judah and the Lion.

In the beginning of February, the video will be available on YouTube as a project to raise money to fund the making of Sam’s new album.

More information on how to donate will be posted on Sam’s Facebook page, and on her website,

-Brittany Hadley 

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