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TowerMix rebrands as online campus hub

With a new relaunch, music business website TowerMix is trying to become Belmont’s hub for entertainment news, networking and events.

The organizers of the website owned by Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business want it to be a place any Belmont student interested in the entertainment industry can catch up on entertainment news, network with other students and more.

The site covers traditional entertainment news related to Belmont like the Mike Curb College seminar series and Fall Follies. However, it also includes articles on other topics such as local thrift shops.

“It’s kind of a cross between a Craigslist and LinkedIn for Belmont students. We don’t really like those associations, [but] it’s the easiest way to explain it,” said Grant Moore, the website’s editor.

Though originally a source for Belmont entertainment news, the site later expanded to include several other features.

Along with the new school year in the fall brought a website revamp for TowerMix.

“Just this year we launched a new website which also incorporates a calendar function and then a network function. Before the new website, it was just news and network,” said Moore.

The calendar feature allows members to post events like an upcoming show.

The networking feature allows Belmont students to create profiles promoting their industry-related skills to other students, whether it be creative talents such as instrumental expertise or business-related capabilities, such as publicity and promotion skills.

“It’s meant to be [a site] if you’re looking to collaborate with anything – obviously it starts with music business – but with any kind of venture, any kind of business you want to conduct with Belmont students,” explained Moore. “It’s a great resource to have because you can look them up, you know they’re Belmont students, and you can see their skills.”

A newly-added forum allows members to communicate job opportunities with one another. For instance, if a student is looking for a photographer, he or she can post his or her request in the forum.

Moore said one of the current goals for Towermix is to build the user base now at 400 users. Though professors within the Mike Curb College often promote the website, Moore said he hopes for the site to spread beyond that.

“We just want to appeal to as many students as possible,” he said.

Another long-term goal would allow industry professionals who are looking to hire to be able to post job opportunities on the site.

“We eventually want Tower Mix to be a place where job seekers and employers come,” Moore said.

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