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VIDEO: The Westbound Rangers live from the Belmont Vision

The Westbound Rangers have made a name for themselves in Nashville with a distinctive brand of Americana/bluegrass/old-time music. They recently packed up their banjo, mandolin, guitar and upright bass, and paid a visit to the Vision office where they played a few songs and talked about their new album, Southern Bread and Butter for It.

“I think it maintains the essence of us, as in a bunch of mics turned on and us plopped in front of them,” guitarist Read Davis said.

The album is set for release Feb. 12. They also have a release show at The Station Inn slated for the same day.

Check out their interview coupled with a performance of “Time” off the new album, plus “Push Water” and “Old Yeller Dog.”

Getting There: The Westbound Rangers CD Release Show 9 p.m. at The Station Inn Admission is $10 Free CD upon entry

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