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Volleyball falls to Lipscomb 3-1

Despite its strong start, the Belmont Bruins could not prevail over Lipscomb in Tuesday evening’s game, losing 3-1.

Volleyball vs. Lipscomb

The Bruins opened the game leading by 4 points, but after a series of back and forth stalemates, the Lipscomb Bisons were first to cross the 20 point threshold. Lipscomb’s lead faltered after kills by senior Brie Lewis and junior Alexa Nichols bought the team a one-point lead. This lead continued through the rest of the set, the Bruins winning 26-24.

In the second set, Libscomb gained an early lead due to a series of scores. Attack errors by Lipscomb and back-to-back kills from Belmont helped the Bruins catch back up, but they were not able to gain the lead. The Bruins lost the second set 25-22.

The Bruins opened the third set sluggishly, allowing the Bisons to take a 5-1 lead against them. The Bruins struggled to find their beat this set, as Lipscomb scored point after point. The Bruins managed only to lower the Bisons’ lead by eight points, later finishing out the set with a score of 25-15.

Belmont managed to keep the score tight during the beginning of the fourth set, eventually gaining the lead after a pair of kills by Lewis. The scores remained tight for the rest of the set, the Bruins eventually falling by two before calling a short timeout. Once Lipscomb took the lead, they did not give it back. Lipscomb won the set 25-15, buying them this game’s 3-1 win.

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Photos by Megan Garvey

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