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Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar opens on 12 South

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar – Brock Martynowski/Belmont Vision

Pops of bright color, a photo-op swing, a large metal spoon and a multitude of cereals welcomes customers as they enter Wanna Spoon, a new cereal bar in the 12 South neighborhood.

Offering cereal bowls, ice cream blended cereal, yogurt, coffee and trinkets of all kinds, the business brings a sense of childhood nostalgia to the area.

Iris Erickson and Ali Vasquez, both nannies and customers of Wanna Spoon, said they’ve been anticipating the opening of the business since they first heard about it.

“Cereal and ice cream is my favorite thing, so when they were first coming here, we actually talked to the man who owns the building. They were doing a bunch of work, and he said, ‘We’re opening a cereal and ice cream place,’” said Erickson.

“I came in the day it opened.”

Erickson and Vasquez brought the children they babysit.

“I like it because it’s one flavor ice cream and multiple flavors of cereal and you can customize it. And I can milk the cow outside,” said 9-year-old Rhetta.

The business offers a large, backyard space with picnic tables, fire pits and a wooden cow that kids can “milk.” The space is also used to host birthday parties.

Brock Martynowski/Belmont Vision

Amber Lansing, another nanny in the Nashville area, said she loves the novelty of having Wanna Spoon so close.

“I think it’s very convenient for everyone in the neighborhood. I think it’s so cute for kids to come and have cereal in the morning, or donuts across the street, and there’s a playground right there,” she said.

One of the employees, Sherman Bennett, started his position as a ‘cereal crafter’ three months ago. He says the business brought a different experience to Nashville and the 12 South area.

“We had some people from Houston, they actually saw this place and came all the way from Houston to come here. So, it’s definitely bringing people down and making an impact on Nashville,” he said.

Currently undergoing a soft-open, Wanna Spoon’s grand opening is slated for Oct. 14.

Correction on 10/06: Wanna Spoon's grand opening is scheduled for Oct. 14, not Oct. 15.

This article was written by Katie-Beth Cannon

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