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Watkins College of Art Holds Annual Holiday Art Bazaar

Artwork on display at the Holiday Art Bazaar, Zach Watkins

The Leu Art Gallery tables were dripping with prints, jewelry, sculpture and more all with their own unique artistic take on the world around them, just waiting to be explored by curious shopgoers at the annual Holiday Art Bazaar.

Filled with artistry, talent and packed with student-made goodies, the Holiday Art Bazaar offers an opportunity for the campus to get their hands on high-quality original works made by Belmont art students.

From Nov. 15 to Nov. 17, Watkins College of Art and the Kappa Pi art fraternity partnered to have their annual Holiday Art Bazaar in a central location to view and purchase Belmont student art to raise money for the chapter.

The Watkins College of Art makes it a point to showcase student work, from galleries to art shows to the many unique experiences they will have throughout the year.

“It's really very exciting for students to add any work that they want. This is perfect for those who make multiple copies, entrepreneurs namely or those who create stickers jewelry or print,” said Samuel Davenport, member of Kappa Pi and creator of a detailed black and white comic for sale.

Bracelets and earrings on display at the Bazaar, Zach Watkins

In a city with an art scene as big as it is, students may find it hard to break into the art world in Nashville, so opportunities like this and other events held by the college are helpful to get a foot in the door.

“It does give students an opportunity to share their personal art, as well as some work that is created for classes. It really is designed to put some money in the pockets but primarily to support the arts organization,” said Dan Brawner, professor of design and illustration.

This approach to art and design, not only in an artistic sense but also with an entrepreneurial approach, is one way Watkins prepares its students for life after graduation.

“They're always looking at the practical side of being a professional artist as well as your artistic side,” said Davenport.

The college and fraternity hosted their second annual chili cookoff to kick off the Bazaar on Nov. 15. At the event, art goers bought handmade bowls filled with chili, so not only would they leave with a full stomach, but also a handmade piece of pottery. Over 150 bowls were sold in the first two hours, selling them out before the official end at 2 p.m.

“Community, fellowship, bringing everybody together. It's really nice. Professors and staff from across campus join in and for some of them, it's maybe the first time they've been in the College of Art, just to see what we're up to," said Brawner.


This article was written by Zach Watkins

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