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Welcome Back Bruins! Opening Convocation Jumpstarts the New Year

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Ringing in the new academic year with songs, speeches and more, Belmont students, faculty and administration held the opening convocation in the Curb Event Center Wednesday morning.

Continuing the theme of “Let Hope Abound,” Dr. Greg Jones invited students during his presidential address to consider their place on campus, in the world and how they can have hope this year through the Belmont community.

“I invite all of us to take the long view, to focus on the long-term formation,” said Dr. Jones.

“Remember to hold the hope, to borrow hope, to cultivate hope and let hope abound.”

The event also featured hymns performed by Belmont students, a scripture reading and an address from the Provost, Dr. David Gregory.

Encouraging students to embrace all the opportunities presented to them this year, Dr. Gregory emphasized the importance of developing and nurturing unlikely friendships.

“You have to try it because that’s how you grow, and it makes us better,” he said.

Developing new friendships and cultivating community is one of the main themes of Welcome Week, a five-day event schedule for incoming freshmen students.

Led by Towering Traditions staff, groups of eight to 12 freshman students are led through what life is like at Belmont.

Freshman Grace Fields said that her group allowed her to find a community during her first week and get her out of her shell.

“I was feeling a little bit nervous originally just because I’m really close with my family, so it was hard to say goodbye,” said Fields.

“But last night, giving our wish to the tower, I felt okay. This is definitely where I’m supposed to be.”

Finishing the formal events for Welcome Week at the convocation, students and faculty started the semester with the encouragement of remaining Christ-centered and student-focused.

This article was written by Katie Beth Cannon

This article was updated for accuracy on Sept. 7.

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