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You Can Buy Them, Just Don't Keep Them on Campus

Glassware on display in the store, Braden Simmons

Candles, shot and wine glasses are no-nos in your dorms, but apparently OK for sale in the Bruin Shop. 

The Bruin Guide has a clear policy against drinking and candles, but in the back of the store, in the Jack C. Massey Center, wine glasses, shot glasses and candles are avaiable for purchase. 


The policy stated that alcohol paraphenalia is not tolerated and candles – specifically - “are not permitted.” 


Belmont candles in the store, Braden Simmons

While the exact definition of alcohol paraphenalia leaves room for interpretation for Residence Life, students have been written up for having anything related to alcohol, including glasses. 


Associate Dean of Students for Community Living and Housing Anthony Donovan said despite the items being sold on campus, it does not change the policy for students 


“I wasn’t aware that those items were being sold in the Bruin Store. To this point, I am not aware of any challenge it has created for us,” Donovan said in a statement to the Belmont Vision. 


But despite these items being prohibited for students to have in dorms, director of the BruinShop and BruinBooks Johanna Lewis said the decision to stock the items were made to entice sales from potential new customers including parents, faculty and alumni. 


“We are very respectful and aware of the Bruin Code, as we are sure the 50% of students living on campus are. Our decisions on our assortments consider all our customers including staff, faculty and a large constituency of alumni,” said Lewis. 


Lewis said she is not aware of any students being written up for the new Belmont merch. 


But Donovan said he worried students may make the wrong assumption. 


“My concern would only be that a student might assume that they are OK to have unintentionally,” Donovan said.  


This article was written by Braden Simmons 

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