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Academic Fair opens Friday

For those who are undecided or overwhelmed by the process of choosing a major, people who can help you will be at thetThe 11th annual Academic Fair at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 21, in Neely Dining Room.

Originally developed by the Department of Social work faculty and staff, the fair is meant to help undecided majors find an interest or ‘academic home’ here at Belmont.

“The Academic Fair is trying to reach those students that are undecided majors or those that are not sure if what they are studying is the right fit for them,” said event coordinator Patsy Peach.

The fair is a convocation event, and students can receive credit by visiting five of the disciplines at the event. Departments including Social Work, Environmental Studies, Religion, Business, and Art will have representatives available to speak with students.

Representatives will be prepared to discuss their degree emphasis and what types of jobs are available to students upon graduation, and Career Services will also be present to direct students on where to find more information.

Funded by the Provost’s office, the Academic Fair is being incorporated into the Sophomore Transitions Center as part of the new Sophomore Experience Program on campus.

The event is scheduled for October to provide students a chance to explore their options before academic advising begins for the Spring 2012 semester.

“It is our attempt to help the students find the discipline that is a true passion for their lives,” she said.

-Olivia Christian

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