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Amanze Egekeze and Austin Luke selected for inaugural 3-on-3 National Championship

Senior Belmont basketball stars Amanze Egekeze and Austin Luke received invitations to the inaugural 3-on-3 National Championship in San Antonio, Texas as part of the activities surrounding the NCAA Final Four.

The tournament will be played by seniors who have exhausted their NCAA eligibility as a final send off to end their college basketball careers.

A total of $100,00 will be awarded to teams as they progress through the tournament. The teams will receive $1,000 after every pool play, quarterfinal and semifinal victory. The champion will be awarded $50,000.

This tournament is not NCAA affiliated and because the players are now ineligible for NCAA play, they can get paid for playing without breaking any rules.

Luke and Egekeze will be teamed up with fellow OVC invitees Terrell Miller of Murray State and Averyl Ugba of Austin Peay.

Cheer on the Bruins one last time starting Friday at 6 p.m.. The games can be watched on ESPN2 and streamed on Twitter.

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This article written by Steven Boero. 

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