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‘Ask Dr. Fisher’ convo reveals 2012-2013 tuition increase percentage

Belmont students have the opportunity every semester to ask President Bob Fisher their questions and sometimes address the elephant in the room, or as the case was for this session of “Ask Dr. Fisher,” the mouse in the room.

Apart from one uninvited rodent, a small crowd of students and members of Fisher’s senior administration gathered in Curb Cafe to talk about a 4.75 percent increase in tuition, ongoing construction, Belmont’s relationship with students and faith development.

The tuition increase is scaled back from the 2011-2012 school year, Fisher said. Tuition rose 5.5 percent last year, along with a similar increase in housing and meal plans.

With Bruin Hills Phase I construction underway, 300 more parking spaces will be available next year, Fisher said.

Construction for the new College of Arts and Sciences building will begin in April. In planning meetings with faculty and students to discuss the building, there is a consensus that there needs to be more opportunities for students and faculty to interact, which is something students also brought up during the convocation.

Fisher talked about Belmont’s faith development and its commitment to “nurturing a thinking process about faith” with convocations programs.

For Fisher, the student forum convocation gives him the chance to connect with students and hear their concerns.

“When I think everything’s perfect, I learn it’s not,” he said.

With “Ask Dr. Fisher,” students talk with Fisher about making Belmont a better place, which is something he welcomes.

“I love doing this . . . even if a huge crowd doesn’t show up, I enjoy the conversation,” he said.

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