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AST and ATO teeter-totter for charity

Members of Belmont’s Alpha Sigma Tau sorority and Alpha Tao Omega fraternity could be seen chatting, laughing and playing outside McWhorter Hall on Wednesday, all around an always-occupied teeter-totter.

The two organizations came together to keep a teeter-totter going for 36 straight hours and raise awareness for Blood:Water Mission, an organization that fights AIDS and builds clean water sources in Africa.

Both Greek groups set up tables and tents nearby the teeter-totter handing out pamphlets on the charitable organization while trading food and baked goods for cash donations.

“It’s always a blast to come out here,” junior ATO member Luke Searcy said. “You get to hang out with friends, music’s playing, there’s good food. It’s always a well-rounded, fun time.”

Story and video by Dan Updegraff.

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