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ATO and AST teeter-totter for Blood:Water Mission

When walking by the bell tower during the past 48 hours, it was difficult to not notice the large and blocky teeter-totter constantly in use.  A large crowd constantly milling around the contraption, singing and dancing to a mix of new pop and classic 90’s hits, added to the teeter-totter’s appeal.

Instead of being used for pure playground fun, the teeter-totter was built by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to raise money for Blood:Water Mission, their chosen philanthropy. Alpha Sigma Tau sorority joined in on the fundraiser.

New members of both groups were in charge of keeping the seesaw running for two solid days, starting at 10 am on Wednesday Oct. 26, and ending on Friday Oct. 28 at 10 am.

Members operated the teeter-totter in one-hour shifts with one member of ATO and AST present for the shift.

Heavy rain during the first night forced the fundraiser to take cover under Gabhart, where it remained for the duration of the 48 hours.

In previous years, ATO held the Couch Potato fundraiser. Members would occupy couches in the same courtyard where they watched movies and played video games constantly for the fundraiser.

“This fundraiser [Teeter-totter],” said Emily Robins, the New Member Educator for AST, “has had a great response, and has already raised over $300 on the first day.”

Robins added that the Teeter-totter fundraiser raised more money in one day than the amount raised by the entire Couch Potato fundraiser last year.

Blood:Water Mission is a grassroots organization that supports clean water efforts in Africa and empowers communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS crisis.

“A $1 donation can provide clean water for one person for a year,” said Robins. “Not only that, but it also tries to help create cleaner wells in Africa to try to diminish the effects of disease from dirty drinking water.”

-Heather Thompson

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