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Being a Barnhart

The last name Barnhart may not sound familiar to residents of Nashville, but it’s a different story in Lexington, Kentucky.

“It’s different in Kentucky. They’re very knowledgeable of who he is,” said Belmont men’s golfer Scott Barnhart.

Mitch Barnhart, the athletic director at the University of Kentucky, is Scott’s dad. Mitch Barnhart became the athletic director in 2002 and was recently named one of the top most influential people in the NCAA.

Although Scott is used to his dad being recognized in the grocery store at home, the title doesn’t change much between them. They participate in normal father-son activities such as attending sporting events – except they get killer seats, said Scott.

He and his dad bond over watching sports and playing golf together, usually in the summer when his dad isn’t as busy. A memory that stands out to him was when they made a trip to Ireland his eighth grade year and played golf for six days.

The trip itself was fun, but the individual moments they shared were unforgettable.

“Our relationship is great. He’s pretty much my best friend,” said Scott.

Golf also led him to choose Belmont instead of the University of Kentucky.

“I came here because I really liked Nashville a lot,” said Scott. “I kind of wanted to get away from home a bit, plus I really liked the coach here.”

His decision was not hard to make because he had his dad as a guide.

“He’s the No. 1 mentor I have, the person I go to advice for,” said Scott.

It is not unusual for Scott to go to his dad for any question that comes up. Since Scott is in his senior year, he goes to his dad for advice now more than ever.

“He’s very wise in helping me, and he really does care a lot about what I want to do and he’s good at expressing it,” said Scott.

Scott plans to graduate with two degrees, one in finance and the other in accounting. He is thankful he has his dad to lean on.

“He’s been a really great dad; I really love him a lot.”

This post was written by Celida Salcedo. 

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