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Belmont and Nashville State announce business degree partnership

Nashville State students can now earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Belmont’s Jack C. Massey College of Business following an agreement signed on Wednesday.

A new partnership was announced between the two schools that allows business degree seeking students at Nashville State to earn their degree at Belmont.

Students must complete all the required transfer coursework to earn an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Nashville State. Once their associate degree is earned they are then admitted into the Massey College of Business, according to a press release from Belmont.

“At Belmont, we seek to be Nashville’s University, meaning we want to align our vision and resources with the ever-changing needs of the people in our community,” said Belmont President Dr. Robert Fisher in a press release.

All Nashville State business students are eligible for the program and for a $3,000 scholarship per semester for four semesters.

“This partnership optimizes the impact of Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect programs by providing the financial support for our Nashville State graduates to successfully complete a four-year degree,” said Karen Stevenson, Nashville State’s dean of business, management and hospitality, in the press release.

Not only does the partnership help students financially, but it will also create a clear step-by-step process that simplifies the process of transferring from Nashville State to Belmont, Stevenson said.

“This new partnership with Nashville State Community College can clear the obstacles that all too often get in the way of local students who are seeking a four-year degree. This initiative outlines the steps needed to ensure credits earned properly transfer while also maximizing each student’s financial investment in their education,” Fisher said.

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Photo courtesy of Belmont Office of Communications.

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