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Belmont announces traffic changes to accommodate construction

Bernard Avenue and the sixth level entrance to the Curb Garage will be closed beginning Jan. 14, according to an email from the Office of Communications Tuesday morning.

The closures will remain in effect until late February and are a result of the preliminary construction underway forBelmont’s new performing arts center.

During this time, students should use the fourth floor entrance to the garage.

In the meantime, the drive between the Johnson Center and Maddox and Kennedy halls will be open, as well as the drive in front of Wright and Maddox halls, according to the email.

“Please use caution when walking or driving along 15th Avenue and when entering or exiting the Garage via the fourth level entrance, as traffic and congestion in the area will be significantly increased,” according to the email.

In addition to the closures addressed by the Office of Communications, there is also a road closure in the center of Belmont Boulevard.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.11.24 AM

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This article written by Nicole Brown. Photos by Abigail Bowen.

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