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Belmont dedicates Johnson Center cafeteria as Harrington Place Dining

Belmont dedicated its new cafeteria in the Johnson Center as Harrington Place Dining Thursday afternoon.

The name honors Cordia Harrington, a Belmont trustee and CEO of the Tennessee Bun Company, more commonly know as “The Bun Lady.”

Harrington started operating a McDonalds franchise and continued innovating and expanding her business concepts. Today, with her husband Tom, the Harringtons own a multi-million dollar baking company that provides foods for quick-service restaurants and food service providers.

Chances are you’ve eaten some of the company’s product without even knowing it. The Tennessee Bun Company supplies McDonalds, Trader Joe’s and Belmont Dining Services.

“Working with Belmont allows us to take the core values of the bakery company and make them blossom,” Cordia Harrington said. “Those values are three: creating opportunities, making a difference and impacting lives.”

Video and article by Grant Robinson.

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